Gear Review: Patagonia Five Fingers

The 2011 Product that will change the face of cold water surfing forever. lightweight yet durable booties that fit you like a glove.. Literally.

Ok, Patagonia Five Fingers aren’t a reality yet but they are a short R&D road away from consumer shelves and our feet!

Imagine trying to ever compete with his ad campaign:

It would be impossible to ever invent a better cold weather bootie!

If you haven’t tried on a pair of Vibram Five Finger than you owe it to your self to try them out. As it is, they are a beast of a river shoe, articulating reef boot, jungle footwear, organic gardening footwear, running trainer, etc. They are a truly amazing product. Check out the Five Finger completely interactive and informative flash site:

You Are The Technology (be prepared to see a little skin)

I’m not employed by Patagonia, FCD,  or Vibram. Unfortunately, I’m not even endorsed by either company in any way. If this product makes it to the table next year, I will happily pay good money for the product I conceptualized. (a little recognition would be a lot of fun though).

Did I mash together a lot of pictures in photoshop for a fake product ad… Sure. (please don’t blame me when this is all over the internet). But I love surfing and know that this would be a great product and in my mind and from a quality perspective, Patagonia is just the company to pioneer this product.

Now before you get your hopes up, you have a job to do. Drop a comment on the new Patagonia Surf Booties telling them what a great idea it would be to combine booties and Five Fingers. Don’t worry, I’ve already started the dialog. Just jump on the bandwagon.

6 Responses to “Gear Review: Patagonia Five Fingers”

  • I have always hated not having the same grip characteristics using boots compared to being barefoot. I would buy a pare for cold NJ surf for sure. Looks like a winner to me!

  • I want a pair for Florida surfing.. I can imagine surfing in New Jersey cold. I’ve got thin skin I guess.
    Drop the FDC team a comment and let them know you like the idea.

    FDC (Fletcher Chouinard Design)

  • Hey! What a great idea! I found your site on the FCD website. I hope that they actually make those.

  • Coming from someone who surfs in near frozen water all year long… there is a reason that we don’t see these booties. Same reason most all of us wear mitts when we can easily purchase gloves. When you separate those digits they freeze, keep em together and they stay warm. Also, its hard to stick 10 mm of neoprene between your toes. They would work for mildly cold water but I have my doubts for real cold winter surf. Nonetheless, sweet photoshoping.

  • lol. I’m reluctant in putting on a wetsuit thats thicker than a 3/2mm. I’m not much for real cold surf and I do agree that it would be terrible if it was 10mm neoprene. I don’t often make it any more north than Folly Beach SC in the winter. When it’s cold I tend to run down to Puerto Rico ;-)

  • I would buy them.