Gear Review: PROBAR’s Sweet & Savory

PRO BAR is the self named innovator and leader in convenient, on-the-go, all natural foods. The bar is created from all natural, real, wholesome, and organic ingredients from responsible growers. With a very short list of ingrediants, it’s food that is simply delicious.  Think of them as Cliff Bar’s tastier 100% vegan relative…

Because Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, rolled grains, and grain sweeteners all have a naturally long shelf life, they don’t require the addition of chemical preservatives. This is a great plus for your body and all around health.

We got a case of Sweet and Salty PROBARs last week to review and they flew off the shelf. Surprisingly, they are not only a great food for on the go, camping, hiking, and sports, but also an enjoyable snack for the concrete jungle. With great tastes that rival a Wholefoods vegan cookie or any of the other pastries in that case. The Sweet and Savory bar satisfies even the picky eater in the bunch.

COCOA PISTACHIO:  The Cocoa Pistachio has just the right blend of peanuts, roasted pistachios, and unsweetened dark chocolate.

Christina’s Review: This bar is one of my new favorites. It was very moist, which is something you don’t find with a lot of nutritional bars. I love the mixture of bitter chocolate and salty nuts with a hint of sweet to pull it all together. Delicious…

Windsor’s Review: I like pistachio ice-cream, so I’m probably not the best resource for a review. That being said, I can honestly say I think you will like it! The price is a little steep for a daily snack, especially on my firefighter salary. I keep one in my truck incase I need a little pick-me-up during the day… But Not every day. $$

Zachary’s Review: I was surprised at the taste of this one. Not sure what I was really expecting out of a bar with pistachios. There aren’t really a lot of other products out there to compare it to, I guess. All and all it was a earthy great taste. Really a soothing, grounding kind of homespun flavor.

KETTLE CORN: A deliciously nutty popcorn treat with that classic kettle toasted flavor.

Christina’s Review: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Soo Good

Windsor’s Review: Also a great nutty taste that I think everyone would enjoy. Short and sweet.

Zachary’s Review: Just a touch of that classic  kettle corn taste. It reminds me of my childhood. All of the farmers markets and outdoor events, that had those open fire kettle corn tents. I could never put the bag down until it was gone and I had licked my fingers clean. The PROBAR has enough of that taste that it’s just right. Really a great bar to keep in the car while on the run or take to the mountains.

MAPLE PECAN: Think real maple syrup pancakes on the go. A great breakfast bar covered with pecans and that warm classic maple flavor.

Zachary’s Review: I would eat them in a box
I would eat them with a fox
I would eat them in the rain
I would eat them on a train…


CHERRY: The real whole bing cherries, pretzel, and exceptionally smooth dark chocolate are great any time…

Chocolate, cherries, and pretzels..

Enough Said.

The only over all negatives we had on this product were

  1. The price for a 3 oz. Bar was $3.29
  2. All of the bars were moist and had big enough chunks in them that it might be hard to eat in freezing conditions. Maybe not the best bar for those really cold days on the mountain.
  3. The large chunks also might make it an inappropriate bar for young children to consume (because of allergies, always consider a child’s age before introducing nuts into his/her diet)

PROBAR is a great alternative to any outdoor bar on the market right now winning in taste, quality, and nutrient rich ingredients .. As long as you can swallow the price.

PROBAR Sweet & Savory

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  • After seeing your blog post, I decided to give these a try. It was hard to swallow the $3.29 per bar but worth every cent. I got the “Art’s Original Blend” it was dark chocolate, oats, peanut butter, raisins, dates, sunflower seeds, barley, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pineapple, papaya …. just all kinds of goodness crammed into this little bar! Say byebye to Cliff Bars and Hello to Pro Bar!